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Betting On Football – An Simple Overview from Pig Skin Paul

Football betting has seen an extraordinary rise over the last 10 years as the bookmakers have opened up the sport by offering a myriad of markets to bet on from the noticeable to the absurd. With the World Cup, the Premier League, SPL as well as National Leagues coming on soon after you might want to get yourself clued up with a little bit of fundamental knowledge so that you can get involved as well, but without losing your shirt.

Pig Skin Paul’s is the UK’s most recent web site devoted entirely to football betting so who better to assist you to learn the fundamentals?

Understanding The Language Of Betting

Betting has an awful lot of jargon which to the un initiated can make it seem like a dark and mysterious art, but it is not nearly as complex to understand as you might think. One of the most popular bets in football outside of the standard bet of who will win the World Cup, Premiership or the European Cup itself is the match betting.

Don’t Forget The Draw

The initial point to bear in mind when betting on a football match is that it’s not a two horse race! A lot of people assume that you are simply betting on, Manchester United or Liverpool to win the match, which of course many people do, but forget the draw at your peril. The bookies pay out on the score of the match after the first 90 minutes, extra time is not included and as we all know there are many games which are draws at 90 minutes and then someone score in the extra time to take the win. You can always hedge your bets by taking the draw.

Who Scores The First Goal

Another incredibly popular bet is who will score the first goal. Now, this is an appealing bet it is very tough to get it right. The majority of bookmakers now have some variations on this bet, such as picking you chosen player to score anytime in the game, this gives you a slightly better chance of getting on a winner, but obviously the odds are less. It also keeps the match more interesting for you, because the first player to score could be in the first couple of minutes, and if its not yours then game over for you. But if you’ve picked the score anytime bet, then your still in with a chance until the final whistle blows.

Predicting The Final Score

Predicting the matches final score is another popular bet but again its not so easy to get right, but again a lot of the bookmakers have come up with alternatives to make it slightly easier, which is to predict the number of goals that will be scored in the match. So it doesn’t matter what the score is so long as the number of goals matches what you predicted.

What Are The Odds

One of the most confusing things in gambling to rookies is the odds and what they mean. Basically they are the bookies way of saying who they will think will win. The most likely winners will have the lowest odds, so you win less money. A team that is 3/1 for example means that if you place a £1 bet on them to win and they do then you will get your £1 stake back plus £3. Now if you placed a bet on a team that is 6/4 how much would you win for a £1 stake? Its not as difficult to work out as most people think. You simply divide the top number (6) by the bottom number (4) which gives you 1.5. Therefore for a £1 stake you will get your £1 back plus your winnings of £1.50. Obviously for higher bets you would just multiply the 1.5 by the amount you have staked. So for £5 you would get your £5 stake plus £7.50 and for £10 you would get your £10 stake plus £15.

We hope this has helped you out a bit if it has don’t forget to pop back for more great football betting tips and some great bets you can place.